Inline duct fan thermostat control

Hi. I have a Qolsys iq panel 2 with the tstat. I added an inline duct fan in my attic to help with a room that was hot. I wanted to only have the fan come on when the ac blower fan is on. The duct fan I bought has a three ping plug, so I bought an outdoor zwave switch from Lowe’s. I paired it with my panel easily, but it sees it as a light and I can figure out how to write a script on to make the switch only turn on when the tstat turns the ac fan on. Is this even possible?

It’s not possible with what you have now using z-wave and You would need to find a way to trigger a sensor input when the AC fan turns on. There are probably ways you could do it if you really wanted but it may require a multimeter, a relay and some creative wiring. How important is this to you? Are you comfortable with low voltage wiring and willing to put in some additional time and effort?