Inheriting DSC Neo HS2032


I recently took over a home with a DSC system installed with the following: Neo HS2032, 2 DSC keypads, TL880, and sensors (door, windows, and motion). The previous owners ran this setup with a local vendor who was also providing monitoring. My issue now is that I do not have the Installer Code. The vendor will not tell me it and the default code (5555) isn’t working either. Do I need this code to setup Surety monitoring?

No, to run the necessary cell test and kick start communication the installer code is not required.

You can access the menu item with the master code. On a Neo you should also be able to trigger the test by just holding [3] for a couple seconds.

After activating service your installer code can be changed remotely. For a DSC Neo please send us a private message request to reset it.