Indoor Pet Motion Detectors

So tell me about indoor pet motion detectors

I heard they have issues with cats? Do they let off a ton of false alarms? Or ? What exactly is the issue?

Just had my house broken into through a window screen. Unfortunately my windows are old (1967) windows and most of the window sensors (they are also metal windows with the cranks 2 per window) really just dont work.

So i really want to get motion sensors even if i have to limit where they are like the hallway.

And an out door alarm too

(FWIW i am an existing customer)

Do you have cats? These topics might help.

The Honeywell 5898 is usually the best bet if you have a 2GIG panel and cats but it could still false alarm. Some have used regular PIR motion detectors with cats successfully by putting in a lot of extra effort to position them so the cats won’t get in the way. It’s an art, not a science.

Thanks Ryan read through those. I think i may try to put it in the hallway. That way there is nothing for the cats to jump onto or out of but then should pick up any burglars walking through my house.

I will say … anyone looking BUY ONE OF THE CAMERAS. I made that mistake should have at least bought one that would trip the alarm when the door is opened.

They stole a lot cause well it was easy but no cameras give the police little to go off of :frowning:

My experience:

I have a cat, and I also have PIR motions on every level (pet immunity set to lowest, sensitivity at high). Once in a while cat streaks, and sets off PIR.

My suggestion is if you have small pets/cats, is just to go with Image Sensor PIRs. Can be configured to zoom in.

That image sensor PIR is a rather brilliant idea.

That way i can then just check it out if there is anything.