A new home has an existing DSC Neo system (HS2128 board) with a M2M Services Mini-LTE-M-AV cellular communicator. I’d like to use Surety with for remote monitoring and be able to administer the system myself.

Previous owners had a local security / monitoring company in place.

Having trouble tracking down the IMEI number here to get started with Surety!

Held 1 on the keypad for 10 seconds as suggested on the HS2LCD but nothing. There are three HS2TCHP touch keypads and one HS2LCD non-touch keypad throughout.

I have the IC ID of the Mini-LTE-M-AV device but get a “serial number not found” when entered with a dash on the Surety “Can I activate my equipment?” page.

I have the access code but not the installer code. The installer code appears to have been changed from the default.

Any guidance on (i) finding the IMEI and if this set up is compatible with Surety /

Thanks in advance!

The Mini-LTE-M-AV is not an cellular communicator, it cannot be used with service.

That module is used with an alternate back end software and may be used to directly contact monitoring stations by some companies. We do not support this. Surety provides service through exclusively at this time.

For the DSC Neo you will need the installer code typically to get the panel to sync with the module.

Here is a page showing the necessary compatible modules for the DSC Neo.

Argh! Thanks! Guess I’ll try to see if I can get the installer code from prior vendor…wish me luck.

If not, assume there is way to reset the system? Would really like to keep all the existing zones in place!

There is a factory reset process, it would wipe all zones.

To do so you power off the system completely, disconnect anything in the PGM1 and Zone 1 inputs, then put a jumper between those two terminals.

Power on the panel, leave it alone for a couple minutes, once it is complete it should be prompting you to enroll the keypad. Power it down, remove the jumper, reconnect any Zone into zone 1, and power back up.