Image Sensor with Qolsys

I just purchased the image motion sensor for my QOLSYS alarm panel but where the instructions say to adjust the PIR sensitivity the option is not there. The instructions also say that it can be changed at but I don’t see the option there either. I need to put the sensor on low so it is immune to the pets in the house.


Ah, yes I believe still at this time sensitivity settings adjustments for Qolsys image sensors are only available on the dealer end. We would be happy to adjust the sensitivity for you. It doesn’t look like an Image sensor is currently showing on the account (perhaps it was removed?)

When it is reinstalled, let us know if you would like us to change it to low sensitivity.

Unfortunately the Image sensor settings on the panel are still read-only last I checked.

Thanks for the reply, I have reinstalled the sensor so it can now be put on low.


We have sent a command to set sensitivity to low. Should go through within about 5 minutes.