Image Sensor shows rules not complete after programming changes

Same issue again. did some programming, “rules status: not completed” issue again. Sensitivity on both went from HIGH to NORMAL.

Customer service should just re push the rules and submit a ticket to ADC, rather than repost this in the forum.

The Image sensor sensitivity settings should not be reset to default config following system configmprogramming changes.

This will occur with Image Sensors for a short while after any programming reboot.

The status should confirm automatically after a time, but if you notice it lasting a long time or would like to update the status quickly, a power cycle of the image sensor should solve it.

Rules do not need re-pushed manually in this case. The issue looks to be caused by the 2GIG panel defaulting that status screen rather than the image sensors themselves being affected.

17 hours is more than a short while. So that I follow, you are saying a reboot of panel, corrupts the current values of any installed Image Sensors, and this is not a problem as far as 2GIG or ADC are concerned?

To resolve the corrupted values the User must either reboot IS’ devices, or have the rules repushed (which seems to also work).