Image Sensor Sensitivity?

I bought the Image motion sensor and have it installed outside the front door facing my driveway. It keeps saying it detects movement when there is none, so we cannot set the panel as away as the alarm would go off. Is there some way to tweak the sensitivity of the device? if not, is there a way to set the config in the panel to not set the alarm off if it detects motion in just that device?

I would not suggest installing the image sensor outside. They are not rated to be exterior sensors and as such are adversely effected by things like large temperature swings, moisture, and wild animals that can cause false alarms or malfunctions. That being said, we are able to lower the sensitivity of the device. However, if the sensor is installed in an environment where it’s not supposed to be, in this case outdoors, there is no guarantee that the false alarms will stop.

You are not supposed to face motion detectors at windows, set it for no response type

Image Sensors are not outdoor cameras/motions, exposure will eventually destroy it (humidity/moisture/rain/temp)

Sunlight/movement/infared,thermal changes/animals will result in false activations

These are passive infared…they way they work is they take a ‘snapshot’ of the area it sees via the lense, and any changes for infared heat/thermal, makes the snapshot no longer match what the lense sees, and it activates…

So say you arm away for work in the morn, the sun comes up, reflects off a car windshield, or comes out from behind clouds…motion sees the thermal change, and it no longer matches the thermal snapshot from earlier, and activates