Image Sensor rules

How can I set up a rule for my Image Sensor to capture an image after my entry door is activated when the alarm is armed?

You cant. Suggest you get a camera to achieve what you want.

Program IS to function as a VMD still cam: Program IS as Zone type 23. Otherwise IS will only capture when armed away, or when panel is in alarm AND motion is detected. Zone type 04 or zone type 10 It will not capture during entry delay.

PositionIS so it sees entry. Create a generic rule for image capture. Enable sensor activity monitoring

Another option is…

If on the other hand, you want to keep IS as zone type 04, and see who is disarming…then install a TS1 at entry so IS sees TS1 and entry door, and use this rule

It’ll look something like this

Rive is correct and thorough.

If you do want to trigger recorded images based on a door opening, as suggested above, you can do so with ADC Cloud Video service and an ADC camera.