Image Sensor programming help please!

I’m not certain why this isn’t working. I have firmware 1.10 on my Go!Control panel and I have the XCVR2 transceiver installed (myTS1 panel works just fine). I’m trying to install 2 image sensors and I can’t get either learned in.

I followed the directions but after the red LED flashes on the image sensor , the panel gives a failed message.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve come across some image sensors that I could not learn in. But resetting them to factory settings worked. To do this you can use the end of a paperclip and push it into the slightly larger than pinhole size opening on the front of the sensor. Hold it pushed in for about 15 seconds, or enough time for the red flashing light to cycle through 3 times.

Then try to learn it in according to the instructions.

Hope that works!

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