Image Sensor Placement

I’m trying to figure out where to best place image sensors on the ground floor of my house to cover the critical areas of concern. For the most part that should be the “foyer” and front door area and then the whole rear where there is a large picture window in the “great room” and then a glass door plus regular window in the “breakfast” area. Note: the breakfast area is not closed in, there are elevated soffits that are shown on the plan but the entire area is open to the rest of the space.

The garage door entrance is secondary since the overhead door is alarmed as well as the entrance itself. That’s a reinforced fire door so by the time someone gets to attacking it, sirens are already going off. I can put an image sensor in the garage, and might do so later, but for now I’d like to concentrate on the interior living area on that floor.

There are glass breaks located in the space and every door and window has a sensor on it. The image sensors are for backup to the existing set up as well as to give me intelligent environmental monitoring of people in the space for various triggered rules. Also they’ll let me see what my four legged tenants are up to when I’m away.

I’ve included a floor plan below to help visualize what I’m talking about.


Floor plan 1st floor

Set sensitivity to high (35’x40’), install corner mount @8

After you program, and mount, go here and setup optimal positioning of the IS

I’m not sure the high sensitivity is appropriate with my furry family members, however the placement suggestions make sense especially the two on either side of the foyer wall. I was struggling with the spaces towards the front so that gives me an idea I didn’t have.

Thanks :slight_smile: