Image Sensor Not Learning In

I could use your help with setting up an image sensor camera - 2GIG-Image1.

I can not get the alarm panel to learn in this image sensor. I’ve tried resetting it twice with the paperclip reset method and the reinsert battery method without any luck.

My software is V1.10.1.

Installed the XCVR2 when I bought the panel and I have a spare if you think this is the issue.

I suppose it is possible it is the transceiver, although unlikely. Does that mean you are not using any other 900 mhz devices on the transceiver? Do you mean you have a spare XCVR2? (with the corkscrew antenna) It wouldn’t hurt to try swapping it if you have an extra.

In programming, after pressing “shift” then “learn” how much time are you allowing after powering up the image sensor? I have seen them take varying amounts of time to properly pair.

And just to verify, the Image sensor is powered when attempting the reset, yes?

First thing first. There are multiple versions of the Image Sensor. What is the model # on the Image Sensor?

If your module is NOT a “GC” model, you cannot pair it or use it on 2GIG.

Note regarding Image sensors ADC has multiple versions of the Image Sensor for use with various panels (GE/Interlogix Simon XT/XTi, Qolsys, and 2GIG GC, each using custom firmware).
ONLY use the firmware versions made for 2GIG (example: ADC-IS-100-GC, ADC-IS-200-GC, ADC-IS-205-GC). "GC" denotes it is for the Go!Control panel.

For more info, see:

Thank you for the assistance.
Jason - I do have the sensor powered up and I am learning the device right next to the panel. The panel times out and is unable to learn the device. I thought I read in an earlier post that Surety may need to send out an update to my panel to allow the unit to activate. I will try to relocate the link and post it here. Another option is I just located the MAC address and I wonder if I can manually input that in…
Rive - The model # is ADC-IS-100-GC-B2.
Thank you both!

We can also attempt to have ADC add it manually. If you would like to give that a try, you can send the MAC address of the device to

You have the old model of IS with reduced power saving/prone to the “malfunction loss of supervision” errors, and pairing/learning issues that plagued alot of the IS’s with 200.4 firmware. If you just purchased this, you should contact The seller and ask for an exchange for the newer ADC-IS-200-GC, or ADC-IS-205-GC (batteries last twice as long (2 years versus 10 months), and they have the newer firmware version 201.10).

Installation/learning in:
If learn fails, hit learn again, on image sensor, insert toothpick into hole and push, hold it for 15 sec or so. IS must be reset if it has previously been learned to any panel


For more info regarding the ADC-IS-100-GC with 200.4 firmware issues, see: