Image sensor not automatically taking pictures

It is my understanding that when the keypad is disarmed from away mode it should take two pictures. My image sensor is not taking any pictures automatically. The only time I get it to take pictures is on peak in. How do I fix this

You are correct. I took a look at your system and you have the rules set up correctly, with no obvious source of trouble. Which makes me believe that the most likely cause is that when the configuration rules were sent, the RF signal may have been corrupted or completed with missing data. I have power cycled your Image Sensor to resend the configuration rules. The next time you disarm from away mode, check to see if the problem has been remedied and let me know. I suspect you should be good to go now, but if you are not, please let us know ASAP.

5 days later starting on Nov 30th the image sensor started to function as it suppose to.Taking pictures on the arming event and post disarm. Even the night pictures are now visible.