Image Sensor models

I picked up (on eBay) both a “ADC-IS-100-GC” & “ADC-IS-100-LP” model but only the “ADC-IS-100-GC” learned in to my 2GIG panel. Can you please help w/the difference and if the “ADC-IS-100-LP” will eventually work? I’m on v1.10.1.

The difference in the model numbers denotes which system with which the Image Sensor will work. The Image Sensor model ADC-IS-100-LP is compatible with Simon XTi panels (version 1.0 & up), Simon XT panels (version 1.3 & up) and requires
an module (version 146 & up for XT, 151 & up for XTi) with an attached Image Sensor daughterboard.

The ADC-IS-100-GC is compatible with 2GIG. It requires a 2GIG 900 MHz Transceiver (2GIG-XCVR2-345), as well as 1.10 or above firmware.

Both Image Sensors must be used with service packages that support them (Gold Interactive).

Unless you plan on a second system and it may be a Simon XT, I’d try to return the ADC-IS-100-LP.

Thanks for the prompt response Amanda. Excellent explanation, just wish I had done my homework better and only purchased the ADC-IS-100-GC models. Oh well, that’s the price one pays for DIY. You guys are the best and as a new customer I am truly impressed with your stellar services!

Keep up the great work and thanks again for all the super-helpful videos.