Image Sensor (Model: ADC-IS-200-QC)

I’m having a difficult time trying to connect an image sensor. I have followed many examples online but I just cannot get the system to learn the sensor. Is there another way to enter the mac address without going through the same learn procedure?

I have a 2gig panel and trying to install an image sensor model no: ADS-IS-200-QC

The proper model number would end in GC, not QC, but that may be a typo. (Qolsys is QS)

Do you have any functioning Image Sensors, TS1 keypads or Go!Bridge?

An Image Sensor would require the 900MHZ Transceiver. Do you have an XCVR2 installed?

I found this post from a previous forum. How do I tell which firmware my sensor is running?

Looks like the Image Sensors issues have been officially resolved via a firmware update. Unfortunately, the original Image Sensors cannot be updated via an OTA firmware push (like the ADC cameras).

"Be sure that if you obtain 2GIG-IMAGE1’s, that you get version 2 (ADC-IS-200-GC, or ADC-IS-205-GC) running firmware 201.10.

Do not get a ADC-IS-100-GC (firmware 200.4).

Dealers were sent free Image Sensor v2’s for replacements. Inquire with you Dealer about obtaining the newer Image Sensor.

Officially the difference between version 1 and version 2 of the IS is improved battery life. The “malfunction-loss of supervision” issue is never acknowledged, but some have suggested it was caused by the device power saving feature of version 1 (which has been improved upon in version 2).

Hello Jason,

Yes, it was a typo (my model ends with GC). I’m not sure about the transceiver since I recently moved into the house and simply took over the vivint radio with one of your 3G devices. Is there a way to find this remotely or do I need to be home to remove the panel.

If you have the wrong model Image Sensor (the Qolsys version and not 2GIG) or have not installed the XCVR2, either of those will keep your image sensor from being learned into a 2GIG panel. Firmware issues are a less common problem.

Can you rule out having the wrong Image Sensor? Can you confirm that you have the XCVR2 installed?

Do you have any functioning Image Sensors, TS1 keypads or Go!Bridge? If so, then you do have the proper transceiver. If not, this may be your culprit.

You would need to open the panel to determine whether or not an XCVR2 is installed. If you do not have a TS1, Go!Bridge, or existing Image sensor it is unlikely that the XCVR2 is there. The standard transceiver is 345 MHz only.

It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between the two when opening the panel. The XCVR2 will have a corkscrew antenna. The standard transceiver will just be the silver brick.

To answer your other questions:

  1. The IS was purchased new and it seems to be functioning (LEDs flash and responds to reset button)
  2. No I do not have TS1 panel or a Go!Bridge

I will have to check tonight to see if I have a 900MHZ Transceiver (XCVR2) installed.

This will be the first image sensor It sounds like it could be the transceiver.

How do I tell which firmware my sensor is running

Once you successfully install the IS, you can check the firmware, and set sensitivity.

For example:

You need this transceiver (XCVR2) notice the swiggly antenna. The one that comes with the panel is the XCVR and will not work.