Image Sensor malfunction

I purchased two 2gig image motion sensors last September. Last week, while on vacation, we received an alert that one of them had malfunctioned. When we returned, the first thing I checked was the batteries in the sensor. They were completely dead (although we never received a low battery alert). I put new batteries in (Energizer Ultimate Lithium, as instructed) and the panel still showed the malfunction. I tried re-learning the sensor at the panel, and that also failed. In a matter of minutes, I noticed the sensor becoming warm to the touch. I immediately removed the batteries, which were also very warm.

Do you have any suggestions?

If you are certain the replacement batteries were installed correctly regarding polarity, this is likely a damaged sensor. See our return policy here.

Thank you, Jason. That post was posted by Dexter for me. Can you tell me what the manufacturer’s warranty is on that particular sensor?

The Image Sensor has a 1 year warranty.