Image Sensor Malfunction and Loss of Supervision

Two existing sensors in system have first reported a malfunction, and now loss of supervision. The batteries have been changed with appropriate type, and there is no communication with the panel.
The red light blinks eight times. Please provide suggestions to remedy, as now bypassing to arm. Thank you.

For clarity, these are the 2GIG Image sensors being referenced in message above.

Does the light blink slowly over a span of about 5 seconds? The Image Sensors have likely lost connection to the control panel and are attempting to reconnect.

Are these the only 900mhz devices on your system? Have you checked to make sure the transceiver inside your panel is seated properly? I would suggest powering down, removing and re-attaching transceiver, power back up.

Power cycle the Image sensors. Do they reconnect?

Thanks Jason. It’s a rather rapid blink of the red light.
These are the only 2Gig image sensors currently on the system.
Can you elaborate on where the transceiver is that you reference.
When you say power cycle, you mean take out the batteries, and reset them?
With your reply, will follow these steps.

The transceiver is the XCVR2. Picture in the link.

When you say power cycle, you mean take out the batteries, and reset them?

Yes. Just to force them to connect.

If you need instruction on removing and reinstalling the transceiver to rule out it not seating correctly as a problem, this video may be of assistance.

Thanks for your replies. Although the transceiver didn’t appear to be loose, it has been reset. Also, the batteries taken out and replaced (they’re new)
Initially, one image sensor wasn’t recognized on the panel. Batteries were taken out, and placed back in again, and it reappeared. A walk test was done. One sensor now indicates a weak signal with three red bars. The other is full strength. Both have been at full strength prior. Any further suggestions on how to remedy?

What’s the firmware/model?

First gen: ADC-IS-100-GC (200.4)
Second gen: ADC-IS-200-GC (201.10)

First gen IS’s are prone to these malfunctions.

I did have a few more malfunctions after that thread, but I would periodically reset with a toothpick, and do peak ins. There really is no fix other than to replace the first gen IS (which is what I ended up doing)

If issues are still occurring you can try deleting and resetting the problem sensor.

Remove the sensor from your alarm system configuration. Then insert a paperclip into the hole on the front of the sensor to access the reset button. Press and hold for 3 seconds to power cycle the sensor. Press and hold for at least a full 10 seconds until the sensor LED flashes rapidly for at least two seconds to reset the sensor and clear it from its network. The sensor must be reset prior to enrolling in a new network.

Then reinstall.