Image Sensor Malfunction and Beeping

I’m out of town and have someone staying at my home. On my app my Image sensor is showing as being in malfunction and my panel is beeping. I don’t know what to do.

First, you can acknowledge the alert on your alarm panel to silence it. This video shows how to do this.

What type of malfunction is reported on the panel? Is it a loss of supervision malfunction?

To try to clear the malfunction, you can attempt a reset of the image sensor. Hold a paper clip to the reset button on the lower front face for ~45 seconds.

Since you are away from home…

You can usually clear the malfunction (if loss of supervision) and reset it to normal operation remotely.

To clear trouble/malfunction:
Perform a peek in via ADC app, or website. If successful, this usually clears the loss of supervision malfunction, returning IS to normal operation.