Image Sensor initialization is incomplete on Motion Detector

This is the error message that i’m receiving on after installing my image sensor… please can you help with this…

I apologize if I’ve missed it, but what is the error message saying? Is it listing a malfunction under the sensor for your online account?

The most common cause for an error we see during set up is an issue with the back end account confirming rules. When you learn in the sensor, it should take no more than 5 minutes for the rules to be confirmed. If they are not, we can push through another command to confirm them remotely. Please email us at with your account information to let us know which account you would like us to take a look at to resend the rules’ command if needed.

Any additional information about the error message and when/where it occurred would still be helpful to pin point whether this is the most likely suspected cause for your particular problem.

We’ve found that this “Image Sensor initialization is incomplete” problem occurs almost every time a 2GIG image sensor is installed. It’s a known problem with and the 2GIG image sensor. We’re waiting on and 2GIG to resolve it but until then we have to resend the image sensor rules for every image sensor that’s installed. After you install one, let us know and we’ll resend the image sensor rules. After the rules are confirmed, it works fine.


For those not familiar with error…

" Image Sensor initialization is incomplete on (descriptor) Is.
Images cannot be captured by Image Sensors until this process is complete. Please contact suretyCAM at 855-787-3891."

One thing I would recommend for the time being is learning it in through the reset button. Press and hold the reset button for ten seconds to learn it in, don’t learn it in by tripping the batteries. We’ve seen a better success rate and more rules confirming the first time by doing it this way. says they have fixed the “Image Sensor initialization is incomplete” issue the 2GIG image sensor has been having and we should no longer see that problem. If anyone sees it happen again please let us know.