Image Sensor False Alarms

About 2 to 3 times a week my Image Sensor is false alarming. I changed the batteries, checked for movement in the area and found nothing, and the batteries did not solve the problem. What other troubleshooting techniques can I try?

What model of Image Sensor are you referring to? Is this the only image sensor on your system? If not, are others behaving this way or just the one?

This is the 2GIG_Image 1 sensor. Currently there are two learned into system. The one in question is the only one behaving with the false alarms. I’ve also read through some of the other threads, and looked at some of the suggestions made. No pets in this situation, and heating system doesn’t appear to be correlated to problem. Please advise of any further suggestions on how to proceed. Thanks.

I would suggest bringing the image sensor near the panel, then performing the reset procedure, holding down the recessed button with a paperclip for 10-15 seconds. You can set the sensor as a non-reporting one in programming and use a notification to alert you whenever it would otherwise trip. This would avoid false alarms while testing.

Will do so. If notification is already set up with sensor as ‘reporting’, does anything different need to be done when changing to ‘non-reporting’? Or, will the e-mail/text continue to be received, and the monitoring station will just not be notified of the tripping?

The sensor would still be eligible for the same notifications. A short while after making the programming change, verify the rule on ADC and the activity monitoring status. Then you can test the sensor, have it set off alarms, and it will simply not be forwarded to the central station if that is the only sensor that tripped.

I have had a similar issue. Recently had an image sensor installed and my dog seems to trip it but doesn’t seem to trip the other motion sensors… Is there a sensitivity switch on the image sensor that I can adjust.

Is there a sensitivity switch on the image sensor that I can adjust?

Yes (low/normal/high)

Installer toolbox

Thanks - my installer is making a return visit… but I must have drawn the rookie card, because my hobbyist knowledge exceeds his ability. Hopefully will get someone else this time… if you have more specific advice will take it so I can handle it myself.

You just might be a DIYer… maybe you don’t need an installer.

This forum is great. I got both of my MyQ devices working. Thanks in part to your help. Cleared out the pairings on each opener and than paired separately and all worked out. Also was able to add about 10 Leviton Switches… no luck on my wall intermatic… will order some replacements here.