Image sensor delay in taking pictures

I there any way to decrease the length of time it takes for the image sensor to take a picture after after the alarm has been disarmed from away mode?

There are 2 cases to consider here:

  1. Capture While Panel is Armed Away - The image sensor takes a snap shot when it detects motion while the system is armed in away mode. This includes during the entry delay period for an interior follower motion sensor, so if the image sensor is in the same room as the control panel it will get a picture of you as you’re walking to the panel.

  2. Capture After Disarm from Away - The image sensor takes a snap shot the first time it detects motion after the panel has been disarmed from away mode. This is the case when the image sensor is in a different room than the control panel and you didn’t walk in front of it before you disarmed the system.

There is no programmed delay for either of these. As soon as the sensor detects motion it takes the picture. In either case, it might take the sensor a few seconds to detect motion as is normal for motion detectors. They process the heat signature of the room in a attempt to prevent false alarms and this processing takes a few seconds.

Does this help? If not, can you provide more details of the problem you’re experiencing?

One big “gotcha” people run into when testing this stuff is that the image sensor, like any PIR motion detector used in security systems, won’t detect motion unless you’ve left the room for a few minutes. The image sensor needs to watch and learn the heat patterns without any human activity in the room before it will “arm” itself and start detecting motion. This takes a few minutes. To truly test this stuff you need to arm in away mode, go outside for 5 minutes or more, and then come back in an entry door and disarm the system just like you normally would when you come home.