Image Sensor Alerts

How do I set up a rule where an image is captured post disarm from a specific user code from the lock or alarm panel. I’ve programed a guest code and I’ve set up an alert where I get a text message anytime that specific code is used. But I also want an image captured after its used. I don’t see anyway to do that. I find the image sensors rules in particular to be a bit limiting. need to add more customization like in the standard alerts. Is there a way? I want to be able to make sure whoever I give the guest code to is actually who is using it and they didn’t give it to someone else.

The only way I can see this is possible is to turn on the “Capture After Disarm from Away” rule (a rule you can’t edit). The images are not uploaded automatically. When I get the alert that the code was used, I can manually upload the image. But this is a work around. I’d rather not have an image captured EVERY single time I disarm the system day in and day out. It also won’t text me the 1st photo like it will in an Alarm Event.

Is there a better solution? Ideally I get a text message of the first photo of a motion event after code xxxx is used.

The way you described is currently the only way to do it. I agree, the image sensor rules are limited and could be better. The good news I can give you is that having the “image captured EVERY single time I disarm the system day in and day out” does not count against your image sensor quota. It only counts against your quote if you upload the image.

If you want to submit this to as a feature request, log into your account with a web browser, in the upper-right click “Support Center” and create a new ticket requesting that feature. I’ll make sure it gets passed along to

Thanks Ryan, I’ll do that.

Out of curiosity, how long after an image is captured is it stored locally before you can no longer upload it to

The panel can store 50 images at a time locally. Then it starts replacing the oldest stored image with the newest image as new images are captured. First in, first out.