Image capture after disarm for specific user only rule not working

Help, I have my image sensor capture after disarm from away set to capture images only for a specific user I.e Realtors and it captures images for all users after disarm? Is it even possible to have it only capture for a specific user? Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance for the help!

Yes, you can do this. From the “Image Sensor” tab select subtab “Rules and Alerts” and then click the edit button to the right of “Capture After Disarm from Away”. Click on the drop down to the right of “Automatically upload captures after disarmed from Armed Away by” and choose “Select users and keyfobs”. Pick desired user(s) from the list by checking them and then click “save”.

Keep in mind that the user in question would have to actually activate this motion after disarm for this to occur. So if they go elsewhere in the space and don’t activate it you will not end up with the captured image.