Identifying the Communicator from old ADT/Honeywell system

Hello! I am upgrading a Vista 20P system that was installed by the prior owner of our house. I am relatively new to this process, and am trying to identify the communicator module that is installed (see attached photos). I am waiting for the ADC-SEM300-VT-VZ to come in-stock so I connect up with Long story short, my questions are:

  1. What is this module in the pics?
  2. Can I remove it?


IMG_8734 IMG_8735

Yes, that’s an RJ31X, it’s a land-line phone module allowing the alarm to take over the phone line and send a signal when an alarm occurs.

No need to do anything to it, if you have wires into the RX/TX terminals on the Honeywell board you can just remove those.

Awesome. Thanks Jason!