I have my own equipment - adding to Surety

If I have my own configured 2GIG GC2 panel and peripherals, not locked by an installer and not tied to any other monitoring service, and I have the CDMA communicator, how do I add my un-monitored system to Surety?

This probably is an easy answer, apologies for asking the obvious I coudln’t find anything when I searched.

All you have to do is purchase your plan, and then add your currently unregistered cellular module to it. Then perform a cell test to reprovision the panel.

For the Verizon you need the ADC number (you can get it off the cell module sticker, or from the panel by clicking the “radio status” button, and it will be the Serial Number, enter it here to check it: http://suretydiy.com/alarm-com-cellular-module-check/

http://suretydiy.com/page/3/ (for more info on what each plan type offers see “pricing” link above)

More information on what is needed to switch is available here. If you have an unlocked 3G module and supporting firmware for that module, all you need to do is purchase your desired plan. Information on features and pricing is available here. The product page for Basic Interactive service is here and Gold Interactive service is here.

As part of the check out process, we will collect the information we need to get your accounts up and running.