I have been a surety customer for a while. I’ve been using the go control 2.

I moved into a new house with a wired system, based on the DSC HS2032. Per their datasheet it should work with ADC and it has Zwave functionality. I’d like to use it versus a take over module but I have no idea where to start. Can anyone help?

That would be a DSC PowerSeries Neo panel. The Neo is compatible with Alarm.com and requires an Alarm.com communication module to be used with service.

You can find info and model numbers for the module here on DSC’s site.

If you still have active service through Surety, you could just request a module swap to the new Module ID of your communicator via our secure message tool here.

You can check any existing communicator module number here to determine if it is unregistered.

I do still have active service. I may need guidance on the actual swap. I’ll send a message. Thanks.

Im not sure if it even has one i dont thunk it does. The box in the wall only has the hs2032 module, batter and ac adapter. Is the comm module in the control panel?

In the can, you should see the HS2032 battery and wiring. The module listed above, TL880LT / TL880LE would be the Alarm.com compatible LTE module. It would not be in the can with the HS2032 but somewhere outside it, likely mounted to the wall. The device, found in the previous link, would be a 9" x 6" white box with an antenna coming out of it. This might be mounted near the can but it could be mounted further away depending on signalling at the location. Would it be possible to take a picture of the can with the HS2032 and wiring? You can post it here.

Don’t think this system has one.


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It doesn’t appear so, no. In order to utilize Alarm.com, a compatible cellular module would need to be obtained. While we do not carry any for that panel, they can be found from a variety of vendors online.

Would you recommend one that I can use with ADC and surety?

The TL880LT is an LTE/broadband dual path communicator for the NEO for use with Alarm.com. Information on the NEO LTE module can be found at this link.

Thanks for all your input. I got the panel up and running and tested / fixed all the contacts and zones.

I think I’m going to go ahead and get a take over module for it. I just placed that order, I decided that I want to use my 2gig panel. However many of the zones on the hardwired panel have multiple sensors tied together. Is that going to be a problem with the take over module?

That’s normal for hardwired zones and won’t cause any issue. Hardwired panels commonly use multiple sensors of the same type grouped in series on circuits.