How to replace old videos with new once

Hey Jason and Tyler need your help again.

As you can see on the photo my clips upload is at its limit. My problem is I can’t upload new videos. I tried deleting not useful clips manually but that didn’t fix my problem and I can’t get to upload new videos.
When I try to manually record the clip it gives me this → image
Would you know how I can fix this?

Hi What are you using the camera for only 2 things I can tell you is either add additional clips on ur surety plan or add a SVR where it will allow the camera to record 247 won’t take up clips unfortunately won’t allow clips to delate to make new ones like they say

Hi Charlie,
I’m using my camera to record clips of my yard. Why is my clips space not reset each month I pay for the subscription? I only have one camera it records rarely and the space of 1000 clips was good enough for my last month.

From your image you are not quite at your monthly limit, but you are close.

A quick clarification, there are two separate limits you are referencing:

  1. Clip storage limit. On your plan (Surety View) you can store up to 1000 clips. This does not impact whether further recordings can take place. Once you reach 1000, the oldest clips are automatically deleted to make room when new clips are generated.
  2. Monthly Upload Limit. The total clip upload limit per month, is 1000 as well, representing a data cap. Once you hit 1000 uploads that particular month, all recordings are paused except alarm-generated recordings (if you have an alarm system). This limit resets each month.

You’re not quite at the monthly upload limit. What you are seeing is more likely an issue with the camera responding to the manual upload request.

Can you try power cycling that camera? Leave it powered off for about 1 minute before plugging back in. Give it a few minutes to boot up, then test. Any change?