How to remove old devices from Total Connect 2.0?


New here and need a bit of help. I have an older Honeywell Tuxedo WIFI w/Zwave and I use it with the remote Total Connect 2.0 app for automation with Switches, Door Locks and Thermostats as well as our Alarm - of course. I recently replaced my Trane Zwave thermostats with Honeywell WIFI T-Stats and I cannot get the older thermostats out of the Total Connect 2.0 app as they are still listed. They have been removed from the Tuxedo panel and the new thermostats work perfectly and will directly connect when you sync the Tuxedo and the newer Total Comfort Access account for the WIFI t-stats. Any advise here as I’d just like to get them out as they are dead space in the App and show that I have 4 and not just the 2 thermostats?


Surety is an service provider. We do not currently support Total Connect or its related panels.