How to mount 4G LTE antenna for optimal signaling

Most Long-Term Evolution (LTE) modules require two antennas for proper operation. LTE modules use two different antennas to always capture the best cellular wireless signal of the 4G network.

For optimal signal strength, the antennas should be placed as far away from the module as possible and as far away from each other as possible.

Panel considerations

  • The 2GIG GoControl. GC2, and GC2e LTE module antennas are the same length and are interchangeable, unlike the other panels with LTE modules.
  • The Qolsys IQ Panel, Qolsys IQ Panel 2, and 2GIG GC3 panel only have one built-in antenna when using 4G LTE.

LTE antennas

Larger antenna (primary)

The larger antenna (primary) will be connected to antenna connector 1 (Main). This antenna should be placed at least three feet away from the panel and should be affixed as high up as possible to obtain optimal reception. The primary antenna is both a transmit and receive antenna.

The primary antenna is six feet long and is similar to the conventional 3G module antenna. The primary antenna can be replaced with an extended antenna up to 18 feet in length attached to antenna connector 1 (Main).

Smaller antenna (diversity)

The smaller antenna (diversity) will be connected to antenna connector 2 (Div). The diversity antenna is pre-installed on the module and is a receive-only antenna.

The diversity antenna cannot be replaced with a longer antenna.