How to join liftmaster to

I’m currently switching from another company to Surety. I’m trying to get the garage door linked back up to Please help

If you have support for Liftmaster enabled on your subscription in the system manager, you can get started by visiting the website and Settings > Manage Devices > Add Device.

The MyQ gateway must be deleted from any prior account, and it must not be registered in the MyQ app.

Good morning,

I do have it in my subscription but when I click on add device, it shows Aladdin and OHD Anywhere. There are no other options. I have a Liftmaster with MyQ. How do you clear Gateway MyQ? I called my old security company and they said my account is closed and they can’t do anything. Please help as I’ve spent a couple of hours on this and I’m not getting anywhere. Thank you

Are you trying to add the MyQ through the Website? its done via website not the mobile app.

MyQ can only be tied to one ADC account, or native MyQ account, at a time. You will need to remove it from the other account before adding it to the one through Surety.

That worked. I was trying to do it all through the app instead of your website. I’m up and running. Thank you!

No problem at all. Most things can be done via either the app or the website but there are a select few things, like pairing MyQ, that can only be done via one method.