How to install an camera?

I have an wireless camera model# ADC-520. I would like to know how to add it to my system.

Add it to your network with either WPS or by plugging it in with a cable. Then log into your account with a web browser and go to the Video tab. If this is the first camera on your account then you’ll see a link there to add a camera that walks you through the process. If you already have other cameras then you can go to Video -> Camera Settings -> Add Camera to add it. If your router doesn’t have WPS then add the camera with a cable and you can set up the wireless settings through afterward. The detailed installation guide is attached.

adc_v520_install_guide.pdf (1.89 MB)

When I follow the procedure, I get an error message “You don’t have permission to access the requested page.”

Any ideas?

Have you added cloud video on to Basic or Gold Interactive? Or do you have stand alone cloud video?

I have the Gold interactive package. I have not added video. It does say my package allows me to take advantage of image sensor technology, but I do not have one set-up.

Ok, so you are trying to add an Image Sensor rather than a video camera. You can absolutely do that with Gold Interactive. Set up instructions for the Image Sensor are different.

The detailed steps for adding an image sensor are on the printed instructions that came in the box with your new image sensor but the enrollment parts are copied here.

4.Enroll Sensor in Panel-
a. Enter the “system configuration” menu in the “installer toolbox”.
b. Under Q1, select the RF sensor #. (Unused zone 01 to 48)
c. Select the RF sensor type. (Recommended: 04-Interior Follower, 10-Interior w/ Delay, 23-No Response Type)
d. Select RF sensor equipment type. ((2) Motion)
e. Select RF sensor equipment code. (9999 ADC Image Sensor)
f. Register the RF Sensor Serial Number. Click “learn” to initiate learn mode on the panel and XCVR2 radio. Power up the Image Sensor by inserting the batteries or using a paper clip to hold the sensor’s reset button for 3 seconds.
g. Select RF sensor equipment age.
h. Select RF sensor loop number. (Recommended: Loop 1)
i. Select RF sensor dialer delay.
j. Construct RF sensor voice descriptor. (Recommended shortcuts: 147-Motion Detector, 120-IS)
k. Select RF sensor reports. (Recommended: (1) Enabled)
l. Select RF sensor supervised. (Recommended: (1) Enabled)
m. Select RF sensor chime.
n. Continue to edit next sensor or select skip, end and exit to save changes.
o. Perform a cell phone test to ensure that the updated equipment list is sent to

We are finding that more often than not, after you have completed these steps we will need to manually push the rules for you. More on this can be found here -

I’m confused…Is the ADC-520 a video camera or an image sensor?

The original part in question is a video camera, ADC-V520. It requires video monitoring.

The Image Sensor is part number 2GIG-IMAGE1, and is included with Gold Interactive monitoring. (Not available as an add on for Basic Interactive.)

Okay, what do I have to do to install/use it on my 2gig system?

If you are asking about the video camera, you would need to let us know that you would like to add video monitoring on to your account. The fastest way to have that change made is to either email us at or speak with one of our customer service representatives on our Live Chat feature.

Once you have video monitoring added, follow Ryan’s directions listed earlier in this thread.

I have a similar question. I purchased a home with an existing 2 gig alarm system that had 2 ADC-520IR cameras that were not connected (new in the box). My service is through a local provider. Following Ryan’s instructions, I was able to install the first camera and connect it to my wifi system. The second camera will install fine using a direct ethernet connection to my router but will not install via wifi. Any suggestions?

Can you be more specific on the problem you’re having? Exactly what step isn’t working on the second camera that worked on the first camera?

Hi Ryan - thanks for your response. Here are the details:
I log into my account, go to add a camera. My router is an Apple Airport Extreme, it does not have a WPS button so I have to set everything up manually. I connect the ethernet cable to the router, then connect the AC adapter, wait a couple of minutes until the camera green light turns to steady green. Everything works fine - I can see the camera image on my account page. The next step is where I have problems. I disconnect the ethernet cable and AC adapter, wait a minute and connect the AC adapter, the website says it is configuring the camera for wireless use but at some point during that process it hangs and then tells me that the wireless connection was unsuccessful.
I read somewhere else that the Airport Extreme doesn’t work well with this camera but it worked fine with my other identical camera. I have tired to troubleshoot by switching cameras, AC adapters and ethernet cables but the only constant is one camera works on the wireless network and one does not. I’m at a loss. Dan

I assume you’re correctly configuring the wireless settings in both cameras. Since you got one of the working, you seem to already know how to do that.

Have you tried resetting the camera that doesn’t work to factory defaults?

Do the cameras have a different firmware version? When you have them both working (with the problem camera using the ethernet cable) go to Video -> Camera Settings -> Camera Info and look at the firmware version of each camera. Are they different?

If it’s the same firmware version and the only constant is that one works and the other doesn’t then it sounds like you probably have a defective camera.

Reset camera and compared firmware versions and they are the same. Am thinking I have a bad camera. Thanks for your time with this - I will try to exchange the camera.