How to hook up fireplace with zwave

I have a gas fireplace with a wall switch and powered light switch for lights beside it. The fireplace switch is a two wire setup aeotec micro switch will not work. How is the best way to get the fireplace to be able to switch on with my cell phone with zwave.

One option I’m thinking of is using a zwave thermostat and wire the fireplace to the thermostat.

Saw you post on 2gigforum. Hope you didnt go with the Mikes suggestion… he was clueless. That Linear zwave switch requires AC.

Here is how I would do it:

Plug in fireplace to zwave appliance module, or go to lowes and get a GE zwave outlet. Now your fireplace is zwave controllable.

If you want to make the non powered wall switch work, wire it directly to a DW10 in wall , and create an empower rule to tie it to the zwave module

Non powered wall switch to DW10 programming:

Hit logo at bottom right of screen Enter installer code System configuration Right arrow to blank sensor location Down arrow (23) no response Down arrow (1) contact Down arrow (0862) dw10 Down arrow Learn serial (or hit shift then learn) Pull magnet away from switch to get serial programmed Down arrow (0) new equip Down arrow Loop (1) 1 Down arrow (0) disable dialer delay Down arrow Voice descriptor Down arrow (1) report enabled Down arrow (1) supervised enabled Down arrow (00) disabled no chimes/voice Skip End Exit

Thanks rive.

Yes I was thinking that switch would not work.

Depending on how everything is wired up this may work as well as a switching relay.

I didn’t realize it was gas…there is no electrical plug for ignition on/off?

Are you switching any sort of power or is it simply a resistance based input circuit? Basically an un-powered button on the wall?

I don’t think there is a plug at all. Just wires going to a on off switch at the fireplace and then up to a standard wall light switch.

Jason I think it has power just low-voltage think milli volt not sure of exact voltage will have to look

You will want to verify what it is you are switching. Test the circuit for power, (if it controls and ignition source, or if it controls an actuator or valve for gas flow.)

If there is a receptacle nearby or you are ok running a low-voltage power wire, the Mimolite I linked above would likely work.

I do not know of a simple battery operated Zwave relay.

What about wiring a 15amp dry contact zwave module inline with the switch?

Jason, I think the switch controls gas flow.

How does the fireplace ignite? Is there a pilot beneath?

Would have been a whole lot easier (safer) if you had an electric fireplace. I dunno if you want to zwave automate a gas valve… if that pilot goes out… house fills with gas…

yes. Pilot light is on when the switch is flipped. I don’t think the switch will light the fireplace if pilot is not on. I don’t think I have tried it though.

Something to determine. Does the switch “light fireplace”, or does it open gas valve? Isn’t the pilot igniting the gas?

Ok looking at the manual online the fireplace has a millivolt switch. 175-500 millivolts

The gas has a flame checker that will shut off gas if pilot goes out. Otherwise the pilot going out would be a problem with manual or automated operations.

The manual mentions option thermostat. Could I use a zwave thermostat? Or does the thermostat need power?

Gas will not work if pilot is not engaged manually with on off switch

CT100 and CT30 both have battery operation only option (CT100 for sure, and you can get it at Lowes in the iris aisle)

Keep in mind the CT100 will eat through batteries fairly quickly if it is not provided 24VAC power.

I see them typically last a few months, but it will depend on usage.

You could always use a 24VAC plug in transformer to power the thermostat.

This all depends on your intended use case for the automation. Are you looking to create rules like “When a door opens, kick on the fireplace” or “At 9PM, kick on the fireplace?”

Basically laziness or cool factor. haha. Probably won’t use it but 5-6 months out of the year.

Would like to turn it on from the couch and first thing in the morning turn it on from bed to warm the house.

A thermostat would not give you the immediate responsiveness of a switch, but it wouldn’t be far off. The app would not be tailored to that function either. But I do not know a reason why that wouldn’t work at the moment. You’d get more functionality out of it too, being able to automatically kick it on (for safety only when home) when the temp drops.