How to get the status LED to stay lit on WS9LCDWF9?

Hi. I just purchased and setup two of these WS9LCDWF9 keypads. A big reason is to have an indicator that the alarm is armed so my wife or kids don’t set the alarm off in the morning. After some time delay, the lcd goes blank and the LED which is nicely glowing red also turns off. Please tell me there’s a way to keep it on? Thank you.

I use the same keypad. If running on battery power the screen times out and goes dark. You’d need ac power to have continuously lit backlighting.

Well that’s frustrating. I didn’t know, and nothing I read prior to purchase, mentioned that little bit of info. The key features for me are the ability to run on battery since neither location where I need them have electrical
outlets, and the alarm status indicator.

I wonder if there’s a way to trick the keypad into thinking it’s running from the adapter. I don’t know what else to do but get a refund.

Oh that’s interesting, I didn’t realize even the status light turns off when the keypad goes to sleep. That’s a big negative.
We initially used the keypad on batteries alone but had several miskeyed disarm codes because the first digit you press during a disarm just wakes up the keypad rather than being recognized as the first digit of the disarm code.
Powering via AC transformer (which I had to buy separate btw) fixes all issues.

We initially purchased the keypad for the same reason you did-- to let the early riser kids know the alarm status.

We ended up just adding a zwave outlet with a nightlight plugged in that’s tied to an automation rule (when armed the nightlight turns on, when disarmed, the nightlight turns off). This solution works great. The kids use a $20 key fob to turn off the alarm.

Could you please tell me t the part number and where you got the AC adapter? I can’t find it anywhere, not even DSC site.

I’m going to have to have an electrician put in recessed outlets so I can put the adapter in it and put the panel over it.

I bought mine from alarm

That’s where I bought the keypads, but I don’t see the adapter in their site.

Thank you so much! I just ordered. And now I’m going to drop another $200 on outlets. This is an expensive past-time we have.

Just to confirm: when the keypad is connected to the AC adapter, the status light is on and red when the system is armed, all the time? It stays on?

Yep. I actually ended up putting this keypad in my garage to arm/disarm before entering our house.
I keep it plugged in and the display is backlit at all times, and the small indicator lights on the right side stay lit when they are supposed to be lit up.

Awesome! Thank you