How to get rid of old vendor logo?

OK I have flashed my CP and TS two times each with firmware 1.13 and performed a cell test after each time, yet the old vendor’s logo still shows up. Any ideas how to remove it?

Possibly related, what does Customer ID: 02 mean on the version info page?


When you update firmware, does it show panel as OEM 2GIG?

The panel must be unlocked. (Q44, Q45 set to “0”). Following the initial firmware upgrade, an OTA update will occur, after this completes, reflash firmware again.

Performing a successful cell test with a new registered/plan activated module, will, on the first reboot, reprovision and place new dealer logo on screen. Each new Initial firmware update to panel will restore the dealer logo. Flashing same firmware again, will remove dealer logo.

Optimize and OEM default Q’s:

Dealer logo removed main CP:

Dealer logo removed TS1:

The firmware upgrade third line shows the panel as CPI (some hexidecimal stuff) I thought it was just CP1 like the first two lines then I noticed it was CPI which is the name of a local security company. I checked and Q44 and Q45 are both 0.

How would I know if an OTA update had happened/completed?

Thanks a bunch!

How would I know if an OTA update had happened/completed

You will see the OTA symbol

If the screen says “CPI” then it is not OEM. If you are using a SuretyCAM activated cell module, the panel should have been reprovisioned, (but apparently hasn’t)

The OTA update will not occur, until panel reprovisions. Then it will shown as 2GIG OEM

You can also try flashing 1.9.6 to the Q optimized (see link above) main panel, then going to 1.13. As long as the firmware screen shows a branded firmware version though, (e.g., “CPI”, or “Vivint”), you will not be able to remove the branded logo by overwriting the firmware twice. It is possible that later firmware releases are preventing the overwrite (so try 1.9.6).

The only other way that I know of to reprovision a branded panel to OEM 2GIG is with a cellular module/service plan.

Power down, replace the CPI cell module with the Surety one, power back up, successfully perform the cell phone test and wait. Panel will do a OTA update, reprovision itself, and you should see the surety logo.

OK, I am using a surety cell module I installed 36 hours ago and have service with them so I’ll wait for the OTA thing to happen.


If it didn’t happen already then it isn’t going to (it usually OTA’s within a minute or so after the successful cell test).

Did you successfully complete the cell test?
Can you arm/disarm panel remotely?

Doesn’t sound like the panel reprovisioned if it is still showing as CPI. You might want to have Surety backend it through airfx, and see what is going on.

It looks like your initial OTA update completed within a few hours of when your panel first communicated with us. Let’s give it until tomorrow to see if the logo changes and if not we’ll dig into it further.