How to get IQ2 to Learn Sensors

We recently signed up for service but can’t seem to figure out how to add the sensors. Our home is a new build and came with IQ2 panels and door, window and motion sensors already installed so no qr code or box to scan. Tried using the setup wizard but no luck. Any idea how I can get help in getting my IQ panel to “learn” these sensors?


Programming steps for the IQ Panel 2 319mhz version is found below:

Thank you. I’ve followed those steps however my system seems to be picking up some of the neighbors sensors too. Is there a way around this? Thanks

That can happen at times if the neighbor uses the same RF sensors compatible with the panel. Verifying the DLID of the sensor you are trying to learn will let you be sure you are picking up your zones. Or you can bring the sensor to the panel or bring the panel to the sensor, so that there isn’t a lot of time between pressing the learn button and triggering a zone.

Thank you. The systems were installed by the builders in all of our neighbors homes so that is probably the issue. All of the sensors are already installed and the panel is hardwired. Any other ideas how I can get the system to pick up my sensors only?

The panel can be removed from the wall and run on battery, or if you intend to pair the sensors without removing anything you could have another individual trigger a sensor for you and confirm the DLID from the label if necessary while you program at the panel. Once the device is recognized by the panel, program and then test it multiple times to be certain you got the right DLID.

Alternatively you can look at the sensor labels and manually enter the DLID for zones if you are still having a lot of trouble with close neighbor’s systems activity registering during pairing.

Thank you Jason. Unfortunately the builder installed all of the sensors so we do not have anything with the labels. I did have someone trigger the sensors however that did not work. Is it possible to get love support for this issue?

All Surety support is performed online. The DLID for those sensors are found on a sticker on the sensor itself. Often this is printed on a label inside the sensor. It depends on the model.

Learning in the sensor may necessitate pulling the sensor down and verifying its DLID if you have a number of neighbors with the same sensors. There is just no way of stopping the panel from hearing specific sensors, they are broadcast devices. Motion detectors would be the most problematic in that circumstance. Sensors are typically paired to the panel prior to physical installation.

I am happy to help with specific instructions based on the sensor models, would you mind sending a private message with a photo of the sensors you are trying to include? With photos I can also be sure there is no other issue with the installation that may be causing a problem.