How to get garage and thermostat control on IQ2 panel?

I noticed on an IQ2 panel video, they show there is a card for garage door control.
It looks like with Skybell, Video Cameras, etc, you can go in ADC, go to their settings and simply click to enable them to show on panel.

For garage, I do not see this option. Qolsys mentioned the account needs to be upgraded to see that?
I was wondering what I was missing to get that setup.

Also, for thermostat control on the panel, how is that up?

It looks like if garage is MYQ it is not supported yet but on their road map. It works worth Linear z-wave.
For thermostat, I’m guessing maybe it only works with ADC thermostats and not Nest integrated?

Yep, MyQ devices do not communicate directly with alarm panels.

MyQ devices communicate via your internet with the ADC back-end. Z-wave garage openers will show up and be controllable by the panel.

Yes, this is the same as with Nest. Nest does not communicate directly with any panel. Nest accounts are linked on the back-end of ADC.