How to edit names for my Z-Wave devices

May I please get some assistance on how to get the names of my devices that I entered in my GC2 to pull into my ADC app? My app still only shows the device type and ID#. I re-named all the devices in my GC2, is there somewhere else I need to edit the names? Or is this a issue with my ADC account not refreshing with the correct names?

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind I figured this out. I didn’t realize there was a desktop version of ADC that has a much more robust functionality. Thats what happens when you don’t have internet for 3 weeks!

Ah, yes, glad you got it taken care of! But yes, the website contains much of the automation and administrative setup features and is far more in depth. This allows the app to be a portal for actions and makes the app more user friendly for day-to-day.