How to Create a Combined Window/Shock DW10-345

If you are looking for glass break detection for your 2GIG alarm system, one of the most reliable ways to detect intrusion due to breaking glass is using a window shock sensor. All-in-one wireless versions can be a bit large and difficult to effectively mount. We find a better solution is to use a wired shock sensor and the hardwire inputs on a 2GIG-DW10-345. This gives you an open/close sensor as well as a shock sensor that is effective while avoiding false alarms.

Is there a qolsys compatible sensor this would work with?

The RE101 has wired terminal inputs.

So, I’d just hook up the DW10 normally with the magnet on the other side right? Then stick the shock sensor to the glass. Also, what model is the shock sensor?

Also, do you have any informational videos on water detectors?

The shock sensor used is a GE/Sentrol 5150-W. It is a two-wire piezoelectric self-powered shock detector.

The DW10 can be used for both its magnetic reed switch and the wired input, yes. The two uses would be defined by the Loop number in programming. The wired Input is Loop 1. The reed switch is Loop 2.

The shock sensor is mounted 1 inch from the corner directly on the glass.

Water Management videos will be available sometime soon.

About to attempt this mod, can you tell me if the slightly older sensor the 5115/20 will also work? this is a data sheet I found on them (btw even Ge/Sentrol company has nothing on them). Thank you so much for the info on utilizing the dual sensor ability on the DW10, can’t wait to have that much better of a well protected home!!

Any Normally Closed shock sensor that is self powered (piezoelectric) should work the same.

Can this switch modification be operated in both reed and impact at the same time?



Yes. Loop 1 for the shock sensor, and Loop 2 for the reed switch. They are learned in as two distinct zones. See the video below. Programming steps are roughly the same whether you use an RE201 or a DW10. (Can select 2GIG Thin Door Window as equipment type)