How to Check Version on an Unpaired TS1

I purchased a TS-1 panel that says ver. 1.9 on the back. However I don’t know if it’s ever been updated past that. I need it on 1.13 but before I go and buy the cable Id like to check what it’s actually running. However when I power it up it automatically tries to connect to a panel. It doesn’t give me the screen showing the version it’s on and give me the option to pair with panel. It just says Pleas Wait. What should I do.

If the message “Please Wait” system is not operational, the TS1 was previously paired with a panel and was never defaulted.

Press and hold the two face buttons (home and emergency) for 20-30 seconds. The screen will blank, but keep holding for the full 20-30.

When it boots back up it should be at the pair screen and the current firmware will be listed.