How to Cancel Dealer / Installer 6 Hour Access?

I accidentally tapped something that brought up a black screen with an access code keypad.

There was no tile and no way to back out or cancel the operation nor was there a way to turn off the IQ Panel 4.

So I entered my Master Code and was then greeted with the message that stated the Dealer / Installer would have access for 6 Hours.

How can I abort / cancel this?

This sounds like you have the Dealer or Installer Access Requires User Permission setting enabled along with partitions. This means that attempting to access the panel via the installer code you would need to also enter the master code to allow it for a time.

This is just referencing physical access to the panel UI using the installer or dealer code.

I am not seeing a Suretyhome subscription tied to your username here. If you use another provider be sure to reach out to them for any help confirming what settings you have enabled. They can see most of those details in

Figured out when enabling/disabling the tamper alert my finger must have accidentally set Screen Lock or what ever it is called.

It’s unfortunate that the Lock Screen has no heading/title as to tell a user what they are looking at or even a option to disable it directly from that screen.