How to Automate Your Lights with a Schedule

Setting a schedule for your lights to automatically turn on and off as desired, is one way to make your holiday a little bit easier. Here are steps to on how to do just that.

1. Log in at and from the home page select, “Automation”.

2. From the automation page, select, “Schedule”, “Add new schedule”, and then, “Light Schedule”.

3. Next name your new schedule, and click on “Select Device”.

4. Check the light switches you’d like to include on the schedule, and click “Close”.

5. Next select which days on which the schedule will apply, determine when you’d like the lights to turn on and when you’d like them to turn off. Click “Save”.

6. You will see your new rule listed under schedules and can toggle the rule on and off, edit the schedule, or delete the rule as needed here.

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