How to add photos using iPhone? Can I save photos already installed?

I have a Qolsys Panel 2+ system that I wish to add photos to. I just discovered that the main panel only accepts micro-SD cards, so my spare SD card won’t fit.

There are instructions for how to connect to the panel via Bluetooth, but they are for Android devices and we have iOS phones. So when the instructions say “select the photos you want and transfer them to the Panel”, I’m lost.

I am able to pair my iPhone to the panel, but can’t figure out any way to get photos off the phone and into the panel. If anyone has successfully done this, please let me know how.

Secondarily, is there a way to transfer the factory-supplied photos off the panel so as to not lose them if we need to delete them to free up space?

Because the Qolsys panel is on the Android platform, the bluetooth photo sharing option does not extend to iPhone. In order to add photos to the panel you will need an android phone or the proper micro SD card.

It should be possible to remove/re-add the stock photos via SD card.

My lovely bride will be home shortly with a 16GB micro SD card so we can transfer photos over. With the card inserted into the IQ Panel 2+, how do I transfer the factory installed photos over to the card? I can see how to get photos off the SD card to the panel, but not the reverse.

Should be able to do this directly from the Photo Frame > add SD card menu options in the Settings tray.

Pull down Settings. Select “Photo Frame”. I get the options of “Play”, “Delete”, “Add” and “Settings”. I don’t wish to Play, Delete asks me to select the installed photo(s) I wish to delete, Settings are length of display, etc. and Add.

Selecting Add displays the one photo I have put on the SD card. I am offered the option of Select All (from the inserted SD card), Add New Photos, Replace All and SD Card (which offers the options of Default, Buildings, Flowers, Mountains, Water and Bluetooth).

Add New Photos does the actual transfer of the one photo on the SD card to the panel. I have not selected “Replace All”, because I don’t wish to do that until I have backed up the factory installed photos.

Can’t say I see anything that offers the option of backing up the factory installed photos. If you would be so kind, could you be more specific on how I would do this?


Unfortunately, that is the only information I have from Qolsys. I will follow up with them to check on additional steps. At the moment I do not have a card small enough to test.

I will follow up with more information as soon as possible.

Ok, they were able to clarify this.

You can’t move the default photos to the SD card, you can only Delete them.

However, if you want to add the default photos back, you will click on Add > SD Card and then choose the Default Wifi logo. Then click on replace all, this will add the default photos back in so long as the panel is connected to wi-fi.