How to add PG9935 to iq panel 4?

I’m a bit unsure how to start adding these sensors to my panel. The included instructions don’t show you and I can’t seem to find a tutorial on YouTube or anything with the iq panel 4. I tried scanning the QR code on the box it came in but I am prompted with a message saying “qr code not valid”.

Second, when adding these what type of sensors are these considered? Door/window or shock sensor? What is door/window-m?

I’ve added steps to the PowerG install guide here:

Door/Window-M is the multifunction option allowing both shock and contact closure monitoring.

Ok. This looks very helpful. Is there a best way to test the shock feature?

Typically testing is best with careful firm tapping from a solid object on the glass. Knuckles may work but often does not. The best is usually the handle of a screwdriver.

Hey Jason, I just got around to setting up the other half of these sensors and I’m getting random notifications that windows are open when they aren’t. What could be causing these random open notifications?

What model sensor are they?

In general, first check the orientation of the magnet. A very common issue is mounting the sensor and magnet facing the wrong direction. The reed switch for the sensor is on one side, if the magnet is placed along the opposite side it will not work properly.