How to Access Advanced Configuration for your Smart Thermostat

This guide covers how to access Advanced Configuration settings for your T-2000 or T-3000 Smart Thermostat.

  1. Start off by clicking the Device Settings arrow on the Thermostat card, located on your account homepage

  2. From the Thermostats page, click on the Advanced Configuration tab

  3. Select the Thermostat you want to access via the drop down list on the top right of the page.

  4. You will see a series of tabs, User, Advanced and Installer. Each tab presents you with a series of settings that you can change.

  • Should you ever have any questions about what the setting adjusts, be sure to hover over the ? Icon next to each setting for a rundown of what that setting governs.
  • When done making adjustments, be sure to Save.
  • Note that the steps in this guide pertain to Surety users specifically, so some options, like the Installer tab, may not be available from your service provider.
  1. The Users tab lets you set things like:
  1. The Advanced tab allows access to:
  1. The Installer tab allows for the adjustment of: