How many Z Wave devices

How many Z-wave devices can be configured to the panel for example, light dimmer switches, thermostat, door locks, irrigation, etc. Please be specific if there are things i need to know like combination of devices, performance curves per number of devices, etc. Thanks

Z-wave has a hard limit of 232 devices.

Realistically the GC2 cannot likely process automation rules for hundreds of devices, but we’ve not tested nearly that many devices to say definitively. In practice most homes probably won’t accommodate a system large enough to cause a problem.

We’ve heard a report regarding the GC3 that roughly 90 devices is a sort of soft limit and it started to fail beyond that, however that was only 1 test and a lot will have to do with the location, as Z-wave signals can only jump between 5 devices to its destination.

As a rule of thumb, locks require the most assistance from neighboring nodes and you should plan to use a couple repeating nodes per lock. Light switches strengthen the network by acting as repeating nodes. Thermostats do as well if learned in on AC power.