How is my unit connecting?

Not to sound like an idiot, but how exactly is my unit (think it is the 2GIG) connecting with I don’t see any other wires coming out of it than the plug. I am changing my Internet provider and so will have a different network password. Is it using my network?

There are two ways the 2GIG panel connects to ADC

  1. Cellular module
  2. Broadband Go! Bridge (optional add on)

What is the cellular module? I have no other wires going into my unit other than power cord, so there is definitely no phone line involved. I don’t remember ordering any optional add-on like a Go! Bridge.

So the cellular module is how my cell phone with my app is communicating with unit to turn it on and off? Or is the app connecting to, and they are communicating with my unit through cellular module?

Everything goes through for remote interactive services and central station

The cellular module in your Alarm panel communicates directly with

Consider your panel a cell phone. Older traditional alarms utilize landline phone service.

The panel communicates via a cellular link (and optionally via broadband with the GoBridge) with You communicate via your cell phone and app with, which then directs the commands to your panel.