How do I grant Multi-System access to other users?

I have Multi-System Access configured so that I can easily administer both of my panels using the iPhone app. However, I’m the system owner.

Now I would like to enable similar access for a family member, but how this would be accomplished is unclear. They have the app running on their iPhone just fine, but for my primary panel only, at this point. How can I add access for them to my second panel?

If they have access to both systems, they would need to log in and run through the steps for Multi-system access. This would give them the ability to switch between systems using one of their logins. They would need their own login for both systems. You can determine access level when creating the logins.

OK, thank. This can only be accomplished by them logging into the web interface for each system, right? AFAIK admin for multi-system access is not exposed on the app.

I believe that is correct, to actually set it up the user will need to login to the website, but once set up you can switch within app.