How do I disable Capture Images During Alarms?

How do I disable this unwanted rule?

Considering the limitations of this device, and the fact it fails to meet its manufacturer specs (e.g., optimal night vision led Infrared capture of 15’- the image I sent was at 10’)

I only want this sensor snapping daytime/infrared night capture images when ‘motion’ is detected within the optimal operating range of sensor, not when another sensor is activated (like entry/exit)

It only uploads a picture during an alarm when

  1. The image sensor itself triggered the alarm.


  1. The image sensor detects motion after an alarm, before the alarm is canceled.

In other words, if you don’t walk in front of it, even during an alarm, it won’t upload a picture.

Is that what you’re looking for? If not, how would you want it to change?

According to the rules, it takes 30 images if any sensor activates, then there is a second rule for motion activates images

Security rules:

Rule1: Capture images during alarms

When alarm is reported by: any sensor (security or image sensor)
During this time frame : anytime
Capture: 30 motions on each sensor (or until alarm is canceled)
Images: will be automatically uploaded to online gallery

Rule 2: Capture while panel is armed away

When panel is armed away, and motion is detected capture motion events

Two rules. Rule 1 cannot be set to off/disabled. This is what I would like, ability to disable rule 1.

I think I understand, but there is no way to disable rule 1. Why would you want to disable it though? Is it because you’re worried about using up your monthly allotted uploads? If so, I think there might be some confusion on how it works. Image sensors won’t just take 30 images each and upload them. Each image sensor will only upload images when it detects motion. So unless motion continues to occur in front of the image sensor while the alarm is going off, it won’t keep uploading images. It will do 3 images in succession, wait a while, and then do 3 more images. If you don’t walk in front of the image sensor while the alarm is sounding, it won’t upload any images at all. In practice when you have a false alarm, very few, if any, images get uploaded.