How do I convert from SuretyCam to SuretyDIY?

I bought my alarm system from SuretyCAM about 3.5 years ago. My alarm panel is 2GIG-CP21-345. It is monitored by ALARM.COM. I pay TIME-PAYMENT-DETAIL by credit card for this service. My 3-year commitment is over. I would like to transfer monitoring service to you because it is less cost and my equipment is compatible with ALARM.COM.

  1. Can I keep my existing ALARM.COM account?
  2. How do I cancel payments to TIME-PAYMENT-DETAIL and monitoring service?
  3. How do I initiate monitoring service with you with no loss of service?
    Can you explain the process to make the transfer happen?

Hello, we’re happy to assist! However the answers to this would be account specific and require personal account details. I have forwarded this to our customer service team to assist. You will receive an email with instructions regarding your account shortly.