How do I add a light switch?

I’m fairy new to this and I’m not clear how to add lights to the system. I had initially added Z-wave light switches that were communicating with my 2GIG panel up until recently. Not sure whether firmware update wiped the configuration. What is the process of adding light switches? Can you provide instructions.

Most Z-Wave switches that I’ve seen are learned into the panel by simply flipping the switch when the panel is supposed to add a device.

I’ve never heard of firmware updates removing Zwave devices. However, if you’re having difficulty adding the switch, the device may think it’s still attached to a different Zwave network and will need to be removed before it can be re-added to your current panel.

To do this:

  1. Services
  2. Zwave
  3. The little wrench icon at the bottom right.
  4. Remove Device
  5. Flip the switch until the panel registers that a device has been removed from another network.
  6. Add Device
  7. Flip the switch until the panel registers that the device has been added.
  8. Run a Network Rediscovery to make sure all of the Zwave devices are communicating correctly.

The network rediscovery is located in the advanced toolbox in the Zwave menu.

That should help you get the switch back onto your system.