Honeywell TH8320ZW1000 Z-Wave Thermostat

Any info on whether this is supported or not for 2GIG? (See attached PDF)

Sold at Home Depot, and supports heat pumps with 2 stage heat, and emergency heat (unlike the CT100, CT30, CT80)

8c411b89-bf36-468a-949a-3396619f7dee.pdf (1.44 MB)

2Gig states that it would not have full functionality at this time.

What functionality is not available? Or more importantly what functionality is available via panel/ADC?

I only care whether or not it has basic tstat functionality and remote capabilities.

They do not specify as they only outwardly support the CT line. I would hazard a guess that it is untested formally.

So basically, someone just needs to get one from Home Depot, add it/include it to panel zwave network, and see?

This tstat look to be much better than the Radio Thermostat brand (CT).

It’s entirely possibly an end user has tried it before, I was referring specifically to 2Gig. Certainly no firmware has addressed it.

I have not had any experience using the Honeywell Tstat myself as we have stuck to the CT100 largely.

It would definitely be interesting to see what errors you might come across or whether or not it would even pair properly.